Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia

An Illuminating Partnership
STG Events was thrilled to partner with the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia for their graduation exhibition. Our task? To provide superior lighting solutions that would not only enhance the exhibition space but also create a visually arresting experience for attendees.

Spotlight on the Showcase
The main attraction of the exhibition was the interior design students’ showcase. This featured a runway that wrapped around the floor, accommodating approximately 200 audience members. As specialists in lighting equipment and setup, we were entrusted with the responsibility of supplying and installing the necessary lighting gear to properly illuminate the runway and enhance the students’ presentations.

Crafting the Ideal Lighting Setup
Our dedicated team meticulously designed and executed the lighting setup, ensuring optimal visibility and ambiance throughout the institute. From dynamic spotlights to ambient lighting, we carefully tailored the lighting design to accentuate the creativity and craftsmanship of the displayed projects. Our lighting solutions seamlessly integrated with the exhibition aesthetics, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Smooth Operations
To ensure a flawless event, our team operated the lighting system during the exhibition and remained on standby to address any technical issues. Our expertise and attention to detail allowed the exhibition to run seamlessly, providing an uninterrupted showcase of the students’ work.

Acknowledgment from the Institute
The Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia expressed their appreciation for our seamless execution and proactive approach, which significantly contributed to the overall success of the graduation exhibition.

Delivering Exceptional Lighting Solutions
At STG Events, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional lighting solutions for a wide range of events. Our event lighting hire and stage lighting hire services in Sydney are designed to elevate any occasion, ensuring a visually captivating and memorable experience. Whether it’s a graduation exhibition, corporate event, or any other special occasion, our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding results.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with STG Events for our graduation exhibition at the Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia. Their expertise in lighting solutions enhanced the entire event, especially the beautifully illuminated runway showcasing our interior design students’ projects. STG Events operated the lighting system with professionalism and remained on standby for any technical issues, ensuring a seamless experience. Their dedication, expertise, and friendly team made a significant contribution to the exhibition’s success. We highly recommend STG Events for their outstanding service in elevating events and bringing visions to life.

Leanne Whitehouse

The Founder, Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia

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